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September 2021

American Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Issues Guidance for Pension Funds

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The United States Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Development (US SIF) released an updated guide to pension funds ahead of changes to the Department of Labor’s investment rules.

The guide describes five steps for pension plan sponsors who take ESG criteria into account in the investment strategies of their defined contribution plans.

It focuses on improving knowledge about sustainable investing for plan sponsors, as well as assessing participant interest and training, selecting funds and implementing ESG criteria.

The document also contains a summary of studies on the financial performance of funds using ESG criteria and updates on relevant regulations from the Ministry of Labor. Critics of sustainable investing and ESG approaches have argued that pension trustees should focus only on maximizing returns rather than other non-financial criteria.

Sustainable investments have reached a record high in the United States, with assets under professional management that take into account ESG factors increasing by 42% between 2018 and 2020, from $ 12 trillion to $ 17.1 trillion, US SIF said. However, pension plans are slow to integrate these funds.

Institutional asset owners have driven the majority of this activity to date, but studies by Natixis Global Asset Management and the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investment have shown an increase in demand from individual investors.

Lisa Woll, CEO of the American SIF Foundation, said: “The expected reversal of Ministry of Labor rules on the use of ESG criteria in funds included in pension plans will provide plan sponsors with greater certainty in adding sustainable products to their offering. This guide will help provide the tools necessary to add such funds and meet the growing demand for sustainable investment options.

US SIF focuses on long-term investing and positive social and environmental impacts and its members include investment managers, advisors, mutual fund companies, research firms and non-profit organizations. , among others.

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Kiplinger Personal Finance: When Retirees Need to Amend a Tax Return | Economic news

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In many cases, repairing an old tax return requires filing an amended return.

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You filed your tax return months ago, but then sometimes you glance at a copy and notice an error. What should you do

“There is no reason to panic,” said Ebony J. Howard, chartered accountant and financial examiner for, “as the IRS allows corrections to previously submitted tax returns.”

In many cases, repairing an old tax return requires filing an amended return. This is fairly easy to do, although there are time limits and special forms – usually Form 1040-X – that you will need to use.

Some errors do not need an amended declaration. Instead, the IRS could correct your return automatically or ask you to do something else, a request that will come in writing.

If you missed a deduction or tax credit to which you were entitled, you must file an amended return to correct the omission.

For example, suppose you itemized the deductions on your original return but did not claim the medical expense deduction because you thought you did not meet the threshold of 7.5% of adjusted gross income. Later, you realize that you do this through your health insurance premiums, which are considered medical expenses.

“In that case,” Howard says, “it would be wise to complete a Form 1040-X, which would increase the total itemized deduction amount,” resulting in a refund.

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National Insurance Number Warning As Fraudulent Calls Continue | Personal Finances | Finance

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This type of scam is becoming more and more popular and many victims have taken to social media to report these texts and reported them as a way to warn other people. One victim said: “I got a call on my mobile saying if I press one my NI number will be deleted. “

Another said, “I get three or four calls a day saying my NI number is in danger. What is that? What is happening?”

Mr. Wilding replied, “There’s a lot going around right now, it’s something I’m really glad you brought up.

“It’s a fraud. They say your NI number has been compromised, but it’s not.

“They just ask you to follow a link, give all of your personal information to someone who literally just writes down your bank details, who you are, your address and get whatever they want.

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Mr. Wilding concluded: “This is really a good one to watch out for.

“Don’t fall for it, then just send the message to 7726.”

HMRC continues to warn the UK public to become more aware of these scams and how they can appear.

According to the tax administration, there has been a dramatic increase in fraud reports with over one million reports of fraudulent communications in the past year.

They set out to try and educate the public on the safety of these fraudulent text messages and phone calls.

With the growing increase in phone phishing scams, they have provided examples of what people should watch out for if they ever receive such a call.

The government body said: “HMRC is aware of an automated phone call scam that will tell you that HMRC is taking legal action against you and tricking you into talking to a case worker to make a payment. .

“We can confirm this is a scam and you must end the call immediately. This scam has been widely reported and often targets the elderly and vulnerable.

“Other scam calls may refer to National Insurance Number fraud or offer a tax refund and ask you to provide your bank or credit card information.

“If you cannot verify the identity of the caller, we recommend that you do not speak to them.”

HMRC also pushes people to call Action Fraud if they have been victimized or lost money due to a National Insurance phone scam.

In order to help Action Fraud and the HMRC’s investigation of any potential scams, Brits should be prepared to share specific details of the appeal on a report form.

These details include: the date of the call, the date of the call, the phone number used and the content of the call.

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Experian Becomes Bilingual with Cutting-edge Credit and Personal Finance Twitter Chat | Business

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COSTA MESA, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – September 1, 2021–

In an effort to educate more consumers about credit and personal finance, Experian® today announced new free resources created specifically for bilingual and Spanish speakers, including a series of online discussions on Twitter and others. educational content. The new monthly series, # ChatDeCrédito, will explore important financial topics for Hispanic-Latino consumers and provide them with a fun and interactive platform to develop their understanding of important credit and personal finance topics.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

#ChatDeCrédito will begin at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month at 3 p.m. EST on September 15. Bilinguals and Spanish speakers are welcome to join the chat to tweet in English, Spanish or a combination, and learn how credit can be used as a financial tool, which can impact credit scores, tips for building credit, and more. Consumers can sign up and ask questions by searching @Experian or # ChatDeCrédito on Twitter. (Graphic: Business Wire)

#ChatDeCrédito will begin at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month at 3 p.m. EST on September 15. Bilinguals and Spanish speakers are welcome to join the chat to tweet in English, Spanish or a combination, and learn how credit can be used as a financial tool, which can impact credit scores, tips for building credit, and more. Consumers can sign up and ask questions by searching @Experian or # ChatDeCrédito on Twitter.

“We believe that providing the more than 40 million Hispanic American consumers with language information on credit and personal finance is essential to improving the financial health of the Hispanic-Latino community as a whole,” said Wil Lewis, Head of diversity, equity and inclusion. officer at Experian. “We are excited about these new resources for Spanish speakers and this is just the start. We are committed to being an ongoing resource that diverse communities can trust to provide useful information and resources to improve our financial lives. “

The new # ChatDeCrédito series follows the model of Experian’s award-winning #CreditChat program that began in 2012 to help consumers learn about credit. Since its inception, the program has developed a dedicated online follow-up with hundreds of consumers joining weekly. The program has helped thousands of consumers learn about important topics, and over 300 personal finance experts have joined in to share their knowledge.

Upcoming #ChatDeCrédito topics include:

Find credit content in Spanish

Additional language resources include The Ultimate Guide to Credit – an online e-book in Spanish that includes information on how to create and manage credit responsibly. The e-book also includes information about free online financial tools that Experian offers, such as Experian Boost ™, which allows consumers to get credit to pay for their cell phones, utilities, streaming service, and music. other invoices on time (service provided in English). Many consumers see their credit scores improve instantly after using Experian Boost. I

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