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Britons warn of over-sending paypal scams | Personal Finances | Finance

Fraudsters are still trying to get their hands on Brits hard earned money through various scams, so social media users often share their experiences to warn others. @Noahxboa exposed how crooks use Paypal to target innocent people.

Noah explained, “Once I return this money, the crooks will file a complaint with PayPal saying their account has been compromised.

“They will say they never intended to send money in the first place.”

Paypal will then ask the seller to return any money received by the recipient, leaving the seller out of pocket and in front of more money than expected.

Even though the seller has not yet shipped the purchased item, they still lost the “overpayment” amount they returned.


Paypal has a section on its website warning people about potential scam attempts.

It highlights a number of common scam tactics that people need to watch out for.

This includes the claim that a person has been paid too much.

PayPal said, “Scammers may try to convince you that you have been paid more than you are owed.

Many cases of fraud occur because sellers don’t know the warning signs to watch out for.

If a person knows what to look for, hopefully they can exercise caution.

It will help people protect themselves from crooks, thieves and hackers.

People can sign up for PayPal’s seller protection program, and PayPal will monitor transactions for any signs of fraud.

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