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College majors with the biggest gender disparities | Personal finance

By August 3, 2021August 9th, 2021Personal finance

Gender disparities persist in college majors and then spill over into careers, whether in computer science and electrical engineering, or nursing and teaching. Some progress has been made in encouraging more women to enter male-dominated fields and close the pay gap. Computer programming is an example where the pay gap has narrowed since 2016. But in other cases, inequalities persist: 50% of women quit tech jobs by the age of 35.

Conversely, women continue to dominate in careers such as nursing or teaching, but often men in these fields earn more than women. Women in government positions in public health earn $ 3,000 less than men in the same positions, or men in special education jobs earn $ 2,400 for women.

StudySoup compiled data from the National Center for Education Statistics to identify the 15 college majors with the greatest gender disparities. Data is submitted by all U.S. colleges participating in the Federal Title IV Financial Aid Program, 2017-2018 being the most recent year available. StudySoup removed majors under 5,000 students, leaving just over 1,000 disciplines in the dataset.

StudySoup recognizes data collected on gender through a binary lens, which does not accurately represent all gender identities. A recent study estimates that approximately 1.2 million adults in the United States identify as non-binary, an unexplored population in the dataset collected.

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