Steve Bellone chooses a panel to set up a public finance system


Suffolk County Executive Steve bellone appointed the last member of the county’s campaign finance board almost a year after the council was launched.

Adrien fassett, president and CEO of the nonprofit Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk Inc., was appointed last month to help set up a new system of public funding for county campaigns.

Fassett, who is not registered with a political party, joins two board members selected by legislative leaders: the retired GOP County Court judge Jack Toomey and democrat Lisa scott, president of the Suffolk County League of Voters.

The board was supposed to start meeting in January 2019 and set up the public funding system for the 2021 campaign funding cycle, which began after election day 2019, officials said.

Bellona’s pick was delayed after an initial candidate was turned down and a subsequent search for someone who was neither a Republican nor a Democrat, officials said.

“Adrian Fassett is extremely qualified, understands the importance of transparency in campaign finance and brings a truly independent voice to the board of directors,” Bellone spokesperson. Derek Poppe said in a statement.

The board has a “gigantic commitment” to create rules for public financing of campaigns, choose an executive director and launch the program before election day 2021, the speaker of parliament said. Robert calarco (D-Patchogue), who is working on setting up the first board meeting.

Under the new system, legislative candidates could receive up to $ 50,000 starting in 2021, and county executive candidates would receive up to $ 1 million starting in 2023. Spending would be capped. $ 100,000 for legislative candidates and $ 2 million for county executive candidates.

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